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Video of women using trojan twister

December 24, 2017, 14:52
I want my husband to dress as a woman permanently, are there any pro's or con's to my plans? Has anyone else pulled this off before?. My husband wear bra blouse petticoat and saree. he comb his hair and put flowers. he wear sindoor in his forehead. i can allow him to become woman? I love feminine guys, my boyfriend is one but is that way naturally and otherwise of his own doing. ^_^ You can message me if you want to discuss this more, since I think you're getting mostly negative feedback here out in the open.. CUCKOLD IMPOTENCY . Humiliated Cuckold - Humiliated Husband . Cuckold Impotency . I have been impotent for years. My ex wife cucked me in the start of our relationship. “Read it! It will help you to crossdress, feminize, humiliate, and control your husband. It will help you turn him into a proper sissy maid. If you h A Sissy Cuckold is Feminized by his Unfaithful Wife, humiliated, and fed hormones. Call 888-411-1230 for a Cuckolding Session with Mistress Alexa